24/7 Mental Health Crisis Hotline

1 (800) 633-5686

Youth and Family Mental Health Outpatient Services

At Texana Center, we assess, treat and coordinate care for children with serious and persistent mental illness.  We help children and families uncover their path towards improved quality of life. We provide medication management, counseling and care coordination, family partners, and other specialized programs and services. All services provided are built on evidence-based interventions aimed at promoting recovery and resilience. The services your child will receive will be determined by an initial intake assessment along with their diagnosis. The goals that you and your child establish, with the help of their case manager or clinical team will also determine more specifically the areas of focus.

Who is eligible to receive services?

  • Must be a resident of Austin, Colorado, Fort Bend, Matagorda, Waller, and Wharton counties.
  • Children aged 3-17 diagnosed with a severely emotionally disturbed mental illness as evidenced by major functioning impairments in school, home, and related settings
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24/7 Crisis Hotline

1 (800) 633-5686

How do I get help for myself or my child?

How much will services cost?


Our clinics are staffed with psychiatrists and nurses. Psychiatrists and/or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners evaluate patients and prescribe medication to help reduce or eliminate symptoms of mental illness.  Your prescriber will see you at regular intervals and monitor your progress, provide education on your medications and order laboratory tests required for the medications you are receiving.  Many patients served by Texana qualify for assistance with the cost of medications.

Care Coordinators help clients and families identify needs, assist in resolving problems, coordinating services and linking with other available resources. Your care coordinator will work with you to develop your personalized recovery plan based on the goals you have for yourself.  This includes care coordination for veterans and members of the military.

This training provides you with an opportunity to enhance skills in coping, social, emotional and self-control, which are all needed to manage daily living and improve behaviors. Specific skills training include:  social behavior, assertiveness, problem solving, relaxation, anger management, understanding and expressing feelings, coping strategies, budgeting, learning why and how to take medications and independent living skills.

This service is provided by licensed counselors and will work with you to resolve problems that may be caused by your symptoms with the goal of improving your daily life. Therapy is effective in helping individuals overcome negative thoughts, reducing distress and coping with problems effectively.

Certified family partners with similar experiences are available to offer support, mentoring and peer education to you and your family regarding your child’s recovery. Our family partners work with the parents to link them to resources in the community as well as provide support to the parents in a school or community setting.

Our Client Benefits office will assist you with SSI/SSDI if you are eligible for these benefits.

If an individual is assessed and determined not to be eligible for Texana Behavioral Healthcare Services, Texana staff will assist in referring the individual to the appropriate available community provider(s) to meet their identified needs. As a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), Care Coordinators will assist with the referral process, if needed.