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Developmental Disabilities Services

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Developmental Disabilities Services

We support children and adults with developmental disabilities to find, begin, and continue on a path to the highest quality of life possible. The journey begins with intake, eligibility, finding benefits, finding services, and coordinating services. The journey continues with services that help people to live and work independently, including skills training, job training, respite, and residential supports.

Related Services

Developmental Disabilities & Autism Crisis Services

Crisis services are available for individuals six years and older (including adults) with a diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability, autism as well as challenging behaviors.

Screening and Diagnosis

Our team of intake staff talk with family and advocates to determine if their family member may qualify for developmental disability services. Psychologists then test adults and children for intellectual/developmental disabilities, including autism. Intake staff provide information about community resources and programs, and connect eligible individuals to resources.

To learn more about available services, and the steps to access services, please call our
Intake team at (281) 239-1363

Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver Interest List

Texana’s Intake staff assist in placing people on the statewide interest lists for Medicaid Waiver programs. Texas has six Medicaid Waiver programs that provide lifetime benefits to eligible persons. Families are encouraged to call Intake to secure a place in a very long line of people seeking access to these waivers.

To be placed on the interest list, please call Intake staff at (281) 239-1363.

You will be asked to answer questions about where your loved one lives, what their abilities and needs are, and diagnosis.

Service Coordination and Community Referrals

Our team of caring service coordinators is here to help families and caregivers navigate the service options for their loved one.

Community Developmental Disabilities Services

Texana Center provides an array of community based services including day, employment, nursing, and respite services.

Behavior Treatment and Training Center

Texana’s Behavior Treatment and Training Center is a short-term residential treatment program for children and adolescents ages 8 – 17 that exhibit challenging behaviors.