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Community Developmental Disabilities Services

Community Developmental Disabilities Services

At Texana Center, we believe that people deserve the right and opportunity to live and work in their community and with the right encouragement and individualized support, this can be achieved. Texana Center offers the following services to provide a path for people with developmental disabilities, where they are understood for their unique abilities and have the opportunity to connect with a larger community.

This service helps teach people with autism and intellectual disabilities to be successful in their home and community settings.


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Texana provides day services at our five Learning Centers located throughout our six county coverage area.  Our Learning Centers provide continuing education in skills training, support with activities of daily living, health and wellness services, training in socialization and communication skills to people with developmental disabilities. They also assist people with participation in integrated community activities. Texana’s Learning Center are located in Eagle Lake, El Campo, Missouri City, Rosenberg, and Wharton. To learn more about the program contact Manuel Lopez Jr. at (281)238-1753 or by email manuel.lopez@texanacenter.com.

Texana Center assists people with developmental disabilities in developing the skills they need to obtain competitive employment in the community.


Employment Assistance: This service helps the person to prepare for employment by learning how to complete a job application, develop a resume, and practicing interview skills. Texana will also work to help identify employment opportunities based upon the person’s preferences and strengths and abilities.  Our qualified team will contact potential employers, and review the job duties required by the employer to ensure it will be a good match for the person.


Supported Employment: Once a person has a job, our team can provide support services to help them learn and perform the job duties that are required by the employer. To learn more about this program contact Vivian Felder at  (281)238-1796 or vivan.felder@texanacenter.com, Fort Bend County Karatta Jackson (979)543-7231 or karatta.jackson@texanacenter.com, Austin, Colorado, Matagorda, Waller and Wharton County. Texana Center is a contracted Community Rehabilitation Provider for the Texas Workforce Commission.

Maintaining health is essential and here at Texana Center we make it a priority. Our nursing team is here to assist a person and/or their family in maintaining their health.  These services range from having a Registered Nurse complete a Comprehensive Nursing Assessment to assess the person’s health needs and developing a service plan to meet those needs, to providing consultation and support to the person’s caregiver(s) who are able to manage their health needs. To learn more about available nursing services please contact Manuel Lopez Jr. at (281)238-1753 or by email manuel.lopez@texanacenter.com.

Time away for families and caregivers is vital, Texana Center can assist with coordinating respite services to ensure that your loved one will be well cared for. This service is offered to a family or caregiver to provide them relief from the day to day care they provide. Our staff will work with families and caregivers who have a provider they prefer caring for the person, or we can supply a list providers who provide out of home respite services that the family can select from.  To learn more about the respite program contact Esther Chavez-Garay at (281)238-1763 or by email at esther.chavez-garay@texanacenter.com.

This service is available to individuals with developmental disabilities who reside in nursing facilities.


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