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Who We Are

Texana is proud to be the expert for mental health, autism, and developmental disabilities in Fort Bend and surrounding counties.

Shena Ureste
Chief Executive Officer, Texana


We understand how hard it is to find the mental health, autism, or developmental disabilities services you need and deserve – for yourself, a friend or someone in your family. Maybe you’ve been searching for an answer and all you’ve found is more questions. Maybe you’ve gotten some care already, but it isn’t doing enough to speak to your individual needs. That’s what we’re here for. Since 1999, Texana Center has identified pathways for the highest quality support. When you work with us, you’re working with people who understand that supportive care is not a machine – it’s a lifetime of resources.


    That’s what we provide.

    If you are struggling to navigate a disability or mental illness and to get the care needed, we will do everything we can to help you find a way forward. That’s our commitment to you.

      We do this, so that you or someone you love can

      • Live on your own for the first time, or have a safe place to land.
      • Experience care that’s respectful, transparent and proven.
      • Find and keep a dream job, or pursue a passion.
      • Grow and learn real-world skills and socialize with others.
      • Conquer fears and take on the world.

      The most important thing for the safety and success of you and your family is you. We see how hard you work, the trauma you survive, and the things you go without. We help you clear a path to the critical supports you need for your mental health, autism, or developmental disability.


      Our History

      Designated by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission as the Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority (LIDAA) and Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA), Texana began as a key safety net for the uninsured in our community.


      Our leadership is driven by our mission and they work to ensure that the organization is utilizing our resources to the fullest and leveraging partnerships in order to best meet the needs of those that we serve. They are dedicated to creating highly effective and meaningful pathways of care.

      Our Mission

      Texana Center’s mission is to deliver positive life changing services to children and adults with mental health issues, autism, and developmental disabilities.

      Our Vision

      To be recognized and supported as the leading resource for people with mental health issues, autism, and developmental disabilities.

      Texana Center has four core values that define our culture and clear a path for our mission with C-A-R-E.

      Success Stories

      Pic Success Braden Sm


      When Braiden was less than 2 years old, he was consistently delayed in reaching his developmental milestones. At his 2 year old checkup, his pediatrician did not seem concerned even though both mom and day care provider felt that his overall developmental skills were…
      Pic Success Lylew Sm

      Lyle W.

      Lyle is one of the 34% of adults in the U.S. that has employment and purpose to his life. Lyle has been at Texana on and off for about 16 years. In addition to his intellectual disability; he was born with numerous physical anomalies; scoliosis, club feet and diseased kidney and more.
      Pic Success Roberth Sm

      Robert H.

      Robert Hurley has been employed as a mechanic at a local nursery since October 2013 and has overcome a number of challenges in his life. One of the things that appealed most to Robert about his job was the challenge of problem-solving and ultimately fixing…
      Pic Success Brandonb Sm

      Brandon B.

      Ivory Black has witnessed firsthand how Texana Center “Changes Lives” through her son, Brandon Black, who has been in Texana’s services for over 10 years. She admits that being a parent of a child with an intellectual disability has been challenging but is also very rewarding…

      News and Events

      Chief Executive Officer Announcement

      The Texana Center Board of Trustees is excited to announce a significant milestone in Texana Center’s continued journey towards excellence in mental health, autism, and

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      Quarterly Provider Meetings

      Texana Center is hosting quarterly collaboration meetings for the Medicaid Provider agencies serving persons with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD). The goal is to promote collaborative

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      NCQA Accreditation

      Texana Center’s Case Management Program completed the renewal audit for National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Accreditation of Case Management for Long-Term Services and Supports

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