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Lyle W

Lyle W.

Lyle is one of the 34% of adults in the U.S. that has employment and purpose to his life. Lyle has been at Texana on and off for about 16 years.  In addition to his intellectual disability; he was born with numerous physical anomalies; scoliosis, club feet and diseased kidney and more. As teenager, Lyle was diagnosed with epilepsy, mild intellectual disabilities and autism. A lot of his life has been focused around doctors’ appointments, dealing with health issues as well as handling his behaviors Lyle always wanted to work at HEB and filled many applications until finally he was successful in getting a part-time job. He is able to keep his job because of the help he receives from Texana’s Supported Employment Program. The program provides a job coach to work with him and help him stay on task. Lyle loves his job and looks forward to going to work. He is very proud to be a part of HEB and feels like he is a contributing member of the community. His job consists of keeping all the candy at the checkout stocked and to make sure there is enough inventory. He also does returns at HEB. He is not bashful and took the first opportunity to ask his area manager if he could be a supervisor. Now Lyle is known at HEB as the “Candy Supervisor” and has his photo on the wall of the store. Having a job has given Lyle a sense of accomplishment. Without Texana Lyle would find it difficult to keep his job; as he does require a job coach to help him focus and stay on task.

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