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Robert H.

Robert Hurley

Robert Hurley has been employed as a mechanic at a local nursery since October 2013 and has overcome a number of challenges in his life. One of the things that appealed most to Robert about his job was the challenge of problem-solving and ultimately fixing the company tractors and equipment. He also enjoys that he is able to use his skills from his experience of being raised on a farm.

His company’s key values include; quality products, customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence. Robert demonstrates these qualities through his willingness to help his team members no matter what, whether he is in the midst of a repair job he will respond to his co- workers’ needs so that they can continue their job duties. Robert is always willing to help whether a flat tire needs fixing or something else.

He shows leadership by instructing staff on the importance of regular maintenance and vehicle checks and teaches them what they can do to learn how to keep the vehicles in good working order. The impact on the company has been that a great number of tractors and vehicles are kept in service so that others can do their job. He is a valuable team member and has earned their respect. He is also open to learning new skills and has been trained on a new robotic system that the company has brought in.

Robert is only able to do this because of the treatment and continued support that he receives from Texana’s Behavioral Healthcare Services. He freely admits without Texana he would either be dead or in jail.

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