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Golf for Greater Houston Provides Life Skills

Rosenberg TX – December 1, 2022 – A generous grant of $58,000 from Fluor’s Golf for Greater Houston will provide expanded class offerings at Texana Center for Advancement in Fulshear.

Texana Café and the new Center for Advancement both focus on meeting the needs of transition aged youth (14-25) with autism and intellectual disabilities, a population who historically have been under-served.

The funds from Golf for Greater Houston will support Texana Café and allow Texana to pilot two new classes in money management and independent living.

Individuals who obtain competitive employment can only reap the full benefits of their labor if they also know how to identify their ideal living situation, budget, pay rent, and connect with community supports that make this sustainable. The format for other classes in money management often do not meet the needs of youth who have autism, and additional instruction is sometimes needed in how to launch into independent living.  

Golf for Greater Houston’s grant will provide instruction in these topics, which are the missing piece for many young people. All instruction will be tailored to the unique needs of students to promote maximum success.

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