24/7 Mental Health Crisis Hotline

1 (800) 633-5686

Developmental Disabilities & Autism Crisis Services

We are here to help you or your loved one when you need it most.

We offer crisis services to individuals six years and older (including adults) with a diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability, autism as well as challenging behaviors. These services are intended to stabilize the behavior and to avoid hospitalizations, incarcerations, or restrictive placements. We will assist individuals to learn coping skills and gain independence so they can remain safely with their family and community.

Contact Support

To access these services please contact Beth Duncan, (281) 239-1371 or Beth.Duncan@texanacenter.com

Crisis Intervention: Peers helping a young man through a hard time in a group session

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention staff work with the service planning team, paid providers, and families to identify prevention strategies to avoid potential crisis events and to promote the individual’s coping skills. They provide training and supports to increase the likelihood of success in the individual’s community setting. The team provides follow up and relapse prevention.

Crisis Respite

Serving individuals who require temporary placement due to caregiver needs. Crisis respite is offered to qualified individuals who need a residential setting during a period of transition or caregiver hardship. This service is available through an application process with pre-approval required and provides residential services in a staffed home setting with other individuals. This is not appropriate for individuals seeking treatment or who are unsafe without intense supervision.
Crisis Respite Services: Young woman sitting on a bench outside reading a book